JUNEX- RYZBIG Limited has come into being by a fusion of two bakeries JUNEX civil partnership and RYZBIG civil partnership and started its activity on January 1, 2000. Combing two bakeries which have decades of tradition resulted in production potential increase , greater variety of bread products as well as including semi confectionery products in offer. These facts have strengthened our position on very demanding Krakow's market and current demand on our good provides employment for forty- five employees.

We currently supply bread and confectionery goods with our own transportation to about 160 customers in Krakow and neighborhood. The number of retailers to which we sell shows how our bread and confectionery are appreciate on Krakow's market.

Our offer includes twenty- seven types of rolls, nine kinds of pan baked bread with prolonged date of use, sliced and packed in thermal foil marked with EAN code, great variety of traditional bread starting from rye bread, through wheat-rye , wheat, whole-grain, bread of different structure and with other extras influencing taste. On customer's request all kinds of bread can be delivered sliced and packed, marked with EAN code. We also deliver a few types of rolls pre-packed in plastic bags.

In our pastry offer we currently have twenty-two types of buns with great variety of stuffing, shapes and size depending on retailers' requirements. We also offer nine types of doughnuts, puff pastry staffed with cabbage, several types of raised cake, and sponge cake.
Range of our bread and pastries is systematically expanded in order to meet all requirements of rapidly changing trends on market as well as to fulfill needs of even the most demanding customers.

Qualified personnel , professional management, good location and equipment are our assets which give us great production and transportation possibilities, allowing to provide all our customers with great choice of bread and confectionery. We make delivery during all day, in case of greater orders or demand we also make delivery in the afternoon or evening, weekends and holidays (except a few the most important holidays).